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The Ten Pictures That Got Me Here – #4:  Slowing Down

This session always brings up a lot of tough feelings for me.  It was my first full shoot after a near-fatal car accident in March 2012.  It was also my first shoot after deciding not to quit.  With a leg still swollen and painful and healing from a broken femur, and a left hand still rehabilitating to gain strength and control, I literally limped through an entire senior portrait shoot both physically and emotionally.  But this isn’t the story of how I brushed myself off and kept going, this is the story of how I learned to slow down, take my time, and really see an image before I clicked the shutter.  Because if there was any beautiful reward for that crazy accident, it is how it slowed my creative mania in to a focused beam.  It forced me to consider ever angle, every pose, and every creative decision to get the most out of every frame.

Side note – I also  just have to mention this guy was so kind he held my camera for me when I explained that my getting up off the ground was going to be ugly, like . . . really, really ugly and rather than stare at the toddler-esque maneuvers I had to do to get off the ground he just non-chalantly looked away.

Here is one of my favorites from the session, but you an view his full blog post here.