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The Ten Pictures That Got Me Here:  #6:  I fell in love . . . with light.
((and YES I cheated and posted two photos.))

Every un-scheduled thought for the weeks leading up to Amanda and Jorge’s wedding was spent dreaming up poses, walking through transitions and potential candid moments, considering their personalities and their families as I pictured how best to document their wedding day.  I was especially preoccupied with this wedding because it was a destination wedding and one of the first post-accident.  Also, I love Amanda and her family and know them personally and wanted to give them pictures that went above and beyond what they could imagine.  I had dreams (like, actual dreams) about this atrium at their church from the pictures I’d seen of it online during my google binges.  So in the two minutes we were allowed to photograph in this area I captured two very different photos, seconds apart.  The power of holding tightly to my camera controls and taking everything I could from a scene in just a few minutes because I was prepared and focused and letting myself flow with the moment was an intoxicating victory.

I fell in love with light.

You can view a video of Amanda and Jorge’s wedding pictures here.