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my friend teresa photography

Photo by Tara Parker Photography.  (c) 2014.

Today I felt like freaking Supermom.  CeCe slept 8 glorious uninterrupted hours for the fourth night in a row.  I woke up feeling like I could run a marathon . . . but instead I ran a momathon.  Before 10:30 I had cleaned the house, run a load of dishes, washed all the bottles, washed and folded a load of clothes, fed CeCe twice, talked her through tummy time (she’s not a fan), bathed and dressed her AND myself and managed to leave the house with everything I needed for the day and ON TIME.  We had a great coffee date with a friend.  Then I worked while she played in her playgym, slept in her swing, and snuggled with me in her maya wrap.  When we got home at 7 she enjoyed daddy snuggles and was in bed by 10.  Just when I was pretty sure every day would feel like I wasn’t quite getting it right . . . it was nice to have a day that ended with me feeling like “hell yeah, I got this.”  I might not feel this way again for a while, but then again maybe I will tomorrow?