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There is no way around it. 2017 was our best year ever for unforgettable senior portraits Cary.  When you get to work with the best high school seniors in Cary and Raleigh for their senior portraits, you know there is going to be an opportunity to create something amazing.  We did it all!

Watched a dancer twirl through a foggy high school stage.
Kicked a soccer ball around Raleigh.
Made a big splash off a boat dock.
Clanged sabres with a fencer in Durham.
Floated in a baby pool full of flowers.
Ate countless cups of ice cream.
Discovered a hidden alley with a perfect NYC vibe.
Spray painted graffiti.
Climbed trees and built fires.
Recreated a smoky jazz club for a singer.
Laid in a mud puddle for a perfect reflection.
Spit gallons of water in the air to recreate a rainstorm.
Had a baseball player slide in to home.
Ate waffles at Gypsy’s Shiny Diner
Hung off a boat dock with a rowing team.
Stood in a rainstorm for a perfect silhouette.
Fell in a ravine and broke a camera (oops!)
Threw colored powder around for a dancer.
Walked through knee-high grass for wildflowers.
Held a frog.
Took it back to 1950 with a red classic car and a skinny tie.
Woke up at 6am to photograph a runner in the mist at sunrise
Climbed over a river and under a bridge.

Laughed, sweat, itched, gulped water, and laughed some more.

To stay creative we only accept a limited number of senior portraits in Cary every year.  So don’t wait to reach out!  If you are ready to have unforgettable senior portraits in Cary we are waiting to hear from you!  Our best ideas start with getting to know you better.  You can read more about our unforgettable senior portrait experience.