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We used to study Chemistry together at 7:30 in the morning eating Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits.

On Sunday’s she would ride to school on the back of her dad’s motorcycle.  He dropped her off for study hours at the Cary Academy library and we would cut up for hours under the guise of “working on a project”.

We used to have an inside joke about Orange Marmalade . . . but I swear on my life I don’t remember what it was.

Then she was off to a different school Junior year . . . and next thing we knew both high school and college graduation had passed and we had long ago lost touch.  UNTIL (the great things in life always start with “until” don’t they?) . . . UNTIL we found each other on Facebook and next thing I know I’m getting an email with the subject line “someone actually wants to marry me!!”  !!!

Niels and Stephanie met while they were in school – Stephanie a sweet southern girl raised around tractors and farmland pursuing her Masters degree in Geology. . . Niels a fun-loving true German and a sound engineer . . . two people from what felt like two different sides of the world (with two totally different career paths . . . ) found each other and fell crazy in love. And when they couldn’t hold it in any more . . . Stephanie and Niels put together plans for a sweet intimate southern wedding in Apex, NC.  As a special treat many of Niels’ family members from Germany would be visiting for the big day.

Getting Ready

Stephanie got ready with her bridesmaids in the Bluebonnet room at the B&B Country Garden Inn.  Situated on a beautiful lake the sunlight poured in through the windows as Stephanie put on the final touches of makeup.

The First Look

Niels waited patiently in the kitchen as Stephanie gathered up her dress (and her bridesmaids) and walked down the stairs.  As she came around the corner Niels stood speechless.  A little bit unsure in her big, gorgeous wedding dress, Stephanie raised her hands to her sides and said “Well?”  Taken with her  and the emotion of the moment, Niels swooped Stephanie up in one step and hugged her close.

The Ceremony

Hand in hand they walked down the aisle together and joined their family on the bright, open sundeck.  Large, fluffy clouds hung in the sky and during quiet moments you could hear the wind blowing through the weeping willow trees.

After the ceremony we had time together . . . and since I knew Stephanie and Niels would be game . . . I suggested that they take a few playful moments to hop around on the bed.  I am still laughing about this one . . .

Of course, there were quiet moments too.


The Reception

Stephanie and Niels have settled in to a warm and cozy life in Pittsboro with their two big puppy dogs and farm land for miles.  I said it was cozy . . . I didn’t say it was quiet . . . Niels has his drum set in their living room nestled in a mountain of kick ass sound equipment (he owns his own sound engineering company, Bluewater Sound).  And their house?  That HOUSE y’all.  They flipped it themselves . . . from a quaint, drafty turn of the century farm house to a decked out dream home. In every thing Niels and Stephanie complement each other.

It was on these rolling hills of green grass outside their home that we laughed the night away with barbeque and live bluegrass music.  As we sipped sweet tea the sun set through the trees and spread a warm summer glow all around us.

As soon as the fireflies came out it was time for me to go, but not before giving Niels and Stephanie a congratulatory push in the hammock as they snuggled and whispered and laughed . . . both so in love.