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With spring in full bloom, Amy H wrote to us to schedule her summer senior portraits Cary session.  She took advantage of our early booking savings and we got started!

Senior Portraits Cary:  Painting at the farm

We met with Amy in early Spring before her senior year to learn more about what she wanted for her senior portraits Cary.  Amy loves art and is applying to design school.  She plays softball, and is funny, caring, sweet and a little sassy.

For her senior portraits Cary, she wanted to include her love of art, a natural field, and a little splash of urban.  She loves light and texture.  Our team’s creative juices were flowing with this one!

We met Amy on a hot summer afternoon at a private farm.  This was anything but an ordinary session!  We set up a 10 ft art easel and opened a box of paints for Amy and said…go for it!  We only wished we could wait for it to dry so we could keep it in our studio.  She did a great job!  By the end of the night Amy was covered in paint from head to toe, but somehow mom got her all cleaned up with a secret stash of baby wipes.

A few days later, Amy joined our team on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus at the botanical gardens.  She almost sat on a wasp’s next, but fortunately Amy has a great sense of humor and Justin spotted the wasp nest before anyone could get stung!  “You look gorgeous” was what the college girls said to Amy as we walked along some favorite spots on Franklin Street.  A hidden alley with market lights was a big win and a super special spot for Amy’s senior portraits.


It’s all on the behind-the-scenes video:

Amy returned to the studio with her family a few weeks later to view her portraits and video.  She selected her yearbook portraits, which we submitted on her behalf, a beautiful acrylic block print, and digital files.


We loved working with Amy and were inspired by her art.


Looking for amazing senior portraits Cary?  Let’s talk!