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Arielle was excited about her approaching senior year at Cary Academy (Class of 2021).  We first met Arielle when we did senior portraits for her sister, Kaela C.  As soon as we opened our books for Class of 2021, Arielle reached out to us and we got started!

Senior Portraits Cary:  So Many Cool Places!

We met with Arielle and her mom at our studio to plan her Senior Portraits Cary.  We learned that Arielle is a little bit shy and prefers to be behind the camera.  She is an amazing singer and loves speech and debate.  Her friends say she is sarcastic, goofy, funny, and generous.

For her senior portraits she definitely wanted to come to the beach with us for our annual trip, just like her sister, Kaela C.  She also wanted to include a nod to her love of music, and some portraits outdoors in a natural setting.

We scheduled Arielle’s first portrait session for early June and met with her a few weeks before that to help her select her outfits.  Our creative team got busy planning itineraries for her sessions and couldn’t wait to get started!

For Arielle’s first Senior Portraits Cary session, we met her at our studio.  Justin had found the perfect old microphone for her to use for her session, and we were blown away by her singing talent.  Arielle wore a dress that she bought for a formal reception thinking she would only wear it once…but loved it so much we had to photograph it!  We cranked up the fog machine at the studio to give a smoky restaurant vibe.

Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary

For her next set of images at the studio, we pulled inspiration from Vanity Fair with her black dress, with her hair pulled back.  There was a last-minute search for missing pearl earrings, which were found in the carpet in our studio and the trunk of her car (whew!).

Senior Portraits Cary

Next, we travelled a short distance to Cary Academy, which Arielle loves, for a few portraits around campus in her Powder Puff Football shirts.  We laughed about everyone having the same ‘team number’ on the back of their shirts, which was their class year.  For a minute we couldn’t figure out why everyone was number 21!

Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary

Arielle’s second session focused on the outdoors, with a trip to a private farm. The sunflowers were blooming, and Arielle wasn’t shy about our “dance in place” posing prompt, which gave us one of our favorite photographs from the session – the awesome hair flip!  We also tried a few new spots in nearby downtown Pittsboro, with a nod toward Arielle’s love of books.

Senior Portraits Cary

In late summer, it was time for our annual trip to the beach for amazing beach portraits.  We had fun laughing together and loved the images of Arielle on the boardwalk, and in an amazing polka-dot dress at the edge of the surf.

Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of Arielle’s sessions:

Arielle and her family returned to the studio a few weeks later to watch the behind-the-scenes video and a slideshow of all of her portraits.  Using our gallery wall, Arielle chose her yearbook portraits and Teresa helped them design and select wall art.  Arielle and her mom chose images for a beautiful keepsake album, with two matching grandparent books.  They also chose couple of desktop items for Mom and Dad, and the full collection of digital files.

We loved working with this family again and can’t wait for the next soon-to-be senior in the family in a few more years!

Looking for amazing senior portraits Cary?  Let’s talk!