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Twins Ava and Lia L were excited about their senior year (Cary Academy Class of 2020).  Despite being twins, they had individual ideas about what they wanted in the Senior Portraits Cary.

Senior Portraits Cary:  A Dam, A River, and an Abandoned Building

We met with Ava in early Spring before her senior year to learn more about what she wanted for her senior portraits Cary.  Ava loves cross-country competition and was a State runner up – a proud moment!  She is adventurous, and loves back packing, camping, and roughing it.

For her senior portraits, she wanted to include nature, but with a slightly urban vibe.  She loves the color orange, and definitely wanted to include outdoor running.  A little nod to glam was also in order.  Our team got busy planning her session for the summer.

Ava treated herself to hair and make-up services just before her session by our in-house artist, Denise.  We were glad Ava’s sister Lia joined us for the session too (her session was the next day).  The session started at our studio with some modern minimalist portraiture in a white dress.  Ava laughed that the hardest part was getting the slomo for Instagram!

We then went to a special secret location for glamorous photographs in a crumbling old dam.

Right at sunset we went down to the river (Teresa and her assistant Bella were in up to their thighs!) and she ran along the bank for badass running photographs.

It’s all on the behind-the-scenes video:

Ava returned to the studio with her family a few weeks later to view her portraits and video.  She selected her yearbook portraits, which we submitted on her behalf, and digital files.

We loved working with Ava and twin sister Lia and were thrilled to also create amazing family portraits in the Fall of their senior year to remember this special time.

Looking for amazing senior portraits Cary?  Let’s talk!