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Cindy was enjoying the hot summer days before she started senior year and realized she needed to schedule her Senior Portraits Cary.  She got in touch and we met to plan her session.

Senior Portraits Cary:  Art in a tunnel and Handstands on an overpass

We met with Cindy and her family to find out more about her, and what she wanted in her senior portraits Cary.  We learned that Cindy loves her dogs, art, volleyball, and boxing.

For her senior portraits Cary, she definitely wanted to include boxing and art.  Her favorite portraits of other seniors included ones with dramatic lighting, leading lines, and a mostly urban architecture.  Nothing basic and cute for this senior!  Our creative team jumped in and started planning.

For the first part of Cindy’s Senior Portraits Cary session, we met in downtown Durham.  It was a very hot afternoon, but this location was perfect for texture, architecture, lines and moody/dramatic lighting.  A tunnel for spraying her own graffiti was a great start.  Her mom even got in on the fun and took a turn spray painting in the tunnel.

Senior portraits Cary

We visited a few of our favorite spots for hidden murals.  More than once we had to explain…trust us, keep walking.  This cool place is right around the corner.

Senior portraits Cary

A nearby bridge over the interstate provided cool dramatic lights.  Right when we declared the session done, Cindy did a quick handstand.  All at once we went “Wait, do that again!”   It was great fun.

Senior portraits Cary

For another session, we met Cindy at our unique ‘wet set’.  Cindy’s session here was definitely one from our bucket list.  We’ve always wanted to photography a boxer on our wet set.  We used exploding cups of water attached to her gloves to create the effect (thanks to Teresa’s dad for coming up with the idea!).

Senior portraits Cary

And Justin captured it all in this amazing behind-the-scenes video:


Cindy and her family returned to the studio a few weeks later to view the portraits and video.  Cindy chose her yearbook portraits, which we submitted for her.  Teresa helped them select several pieces of wall art, and some desk-top acrylic block prints.  There were so many favorites…but they were able to choose 10 for a collection of digital files.  And all of her favorite made in into a custom designed album, embossed with her name and graduation year.

Looking for amazing senior portraits Cary?  Let’s talk!