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When we opened our schedule for the Class of 2020, Claire was the first to reach out.  We did senior portraits for her brothers Thomas (Class of 2014) and Tyler (Class of 2017), so she knew we were her choice for Senior Portraits Cary also.

Senior Portraits Cary:  A guitar shop and a special hotel

Teresa met with Claire to get to know her so that she could create a Senior Portraits Cary session that captured Claire’s personality.  We learned that Claire loves guitar, softball, and field hockey.  She has a passion for helping others and her community.  For her session, she wanted a very clean, somewhat urban look; and also some portraits with her guitar.

We got busy planning two very special locations for Claire that we had not used before.  One was the guitar shop where Claire has taken lessons for many years.  The other was a fabulous local hotel, where we arranged special access to the grounds and facilities that are not usually open to photographers.

A few weeks before her first session, we met with Claire at her home to help her select outfits for her session.  We focused on things that she felt comfortable in, and that she loved.

For the first session in early June, Teresa, Justin and the team met Claire at Harry’s Guitar Shop.  Claire has been taking lessons there for a long time, and they opened the shop up especially for us.  Some of the guitars on the walls were worth thousands of dollars.  It is clear that this place is very special to her.

Senior Portraits Cary

A few weeks later, we arranged private access to the JB Duke hotel.  The session started off with a laugh because Teresa had to ask Claire’s mom Amy for a hair tie.  Amy wanted Teresa to have a certain one and kept digging through her bag to find it…eventually coming up with 6 other hair ties!  Along the way, Justin was chased by a bee that flew up his shorts which led to uproarious laughter.  Rain clouds rolled in right as the session ended – perfect timing.

Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary

See it all on the behind-the-scenes video:

Claire returned to the studio with her family a few weeks later to view her portraits and video.  She selected her yearbook portraits, which we submitted on her behalf.  They also chose a canvas and some accordion books.

But we were not done yet!  All of our senior portrait sessions include a free family portrait session in the fall or spring.  So, in late November we did family portraits for the entire family – especially poignant since Claire is the last one to leave home.  They were thrilled with the portraits and selected a framed canvas piece that we installed for them in their home.

Claire’s passion and creativity will take her far…but never too far from her loving family.  And mom and dad get to admire their family portrait every day.

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