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Last is definitely not least!  We have been waiting for Dorrit’s senior session since we first did senior portraits for her older brother, Oliver and then her sister Lydia.  Finally it was her turn!

Senior Portraits Cary:  Field Hockey, Fun and Fierce

We loved meeting with Dorrit to plan her senior portrait session!  Field hockey is a huge part of her life, having just been recruited to UNC-Chapel Hill for the team.  She has been playing since 8th grade and loves the team aspect of the game.  But there’s more to Dorrit:  an old Mercedes named ‘the car’, a cute new puppy, music, hiking…how does she do it all?  Our creative team got busy planning.

We met Dorrit and her family  in mid-June at UNC.   It was a jam packed and so much fun!  We laughed the entire time.  We visited a few iconic Chapel Hill scenes, with the dogs, and of course ‘the car”.

Senior Portraits Cary

Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary

Then we found an amazing secret wildflower field with gorgeous light that was perfect for photographs with her ukuele (which Teresa kept calling a fiddle!).   Dorrit’s mom choked up when Dorrit played and Justin sang ‘Somwhere Over the Rainbow”.

Senior Portraits Cary

The evening ended right at sunset at the field hockey stadium for some amazing photographs of Dorrit playing.

Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary

One session just wasn’t enough, so after a busy summer, we met at the beach for some great portraits.  Our theme was ‘strong women make waves’ and we planned a session with a ladder, a box, a grown, two cameras, three lights, and one bad ass model.  We used intentionally intense harsh mid-day sun (a serious lighting challenge!).   We ended the session with some bohemian-vibe portraits.  Dorrit’s mom was a big help and loved the excuse to have a solo road trip with her baby before school started.

Senior Portraits Cary

The behind the scenes video captured the whole experience.

We all eagerly anticipated the big reveal a few weeks later.  We watched the behind the scenes video together, and then a slide show of all of Dorrit’s portraits.   Dorrit and her family used our gallery wall to sort their favorites for yearbook and a keepsake album.  They also selected a couple of canvases to match those of her brother and sister.  They couldn’t bear to pass up any of the portraits, so they chose the full digital collection.

This family is truly part of our family and we are ready for their next big milestone to capture more memories.

Looking for amazing senior portraits Cary?  Let’s talk!