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With spring flowers blooming and a busy summer planned, Laura C wanted to plan her senior portraits Cary.  We were excited to get to know her and plan the perfect session.

Senior Portraits Cary:  Laura C:  Sunflowers and Ice Cream

Laura is a devoted lacrosse player, and has been on the Cary Academy team for her entire high school career.  She loves the ‘team’ aspect of the sport.  But her senior picture ideas were more about sunflowers and bright colors and quaint downtown scenes than about sports.  She had a busy summer ahead, so we chose a late July date for her session and planned her itinerary.

Before her summer got too busy, we met with Laura at her home to help select outfits for her session that would be the perfect complement to the locations we had in mind.  Now we just had to wait for the flowers to bloom!

We met Laura for her senior portraits Cary session on a hot July afternoon in downtown.  She was just home from summer camp and was headed back in a few days for another week as a camp counselor.  She was definitely more used to the heat than we were!

Downtown Cary was the perfect setting for some small-town scenes.  Laura, and her adorable dog Frankie were especially thrilled to share some Fresh Local Ice Cream on the hot afternoon.Senior Portraits Cary

Laura’s favorite color is yellow, and she was right at home on the downtown walk in her favorite yellow shirt and jeans.

Senior Portraits Cary

We are fortunate enough to have access to a beautiful field of sunflowers at a private farm – no crazy crowds.  Just us and the butterflies!  Laura was beautiful in her classic white dress with the flowers behind her.  The butterflies followed her around for the session just like in a movie!  She loved it and told us that her camp group was nicknamed “the butterflies.”  What a lovely conincidence.

Senior Portraits Cary Senior Portraits Cary

It just couldn’t have been more perfect.  And we captured it all on the behind the scenes video.

A few weeks later, just as she started her senior year, Laura and her family joined us at the studio for the big reveal of her session.  They watched the behind-the-scenes video, a slide show of all of her portraits, and then were able to use our gallery wall to view and sort the portraits.

Laura chose her 2 favorite portraits for the yearbook, and they chose 20-30 of their favorites for a keepsake deep matte premium album.  They couldn’t part with any of the portraits, so the digital collection was a must.

Laura and her family were so thrilled with their experience that they asked us to do newborn family portraits for Laura’s older sister and the newest family member, sweet baby Emma.  They loved working with Aurora, our newborn photographer, and the results were beautiful!

The spirit and smile you see in Laura’s portraits reflect exactly who she is.  We can’t wait to watch her next adventures.

Looking for amazing senior portraits Cary?  Let’s talk!